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Vapourlites - the best ecig company ever?

Vapourlites review with a difference

​​The best company for electronic cigarettes in the UK is Vapourlites. The reason is because all other electronic cigarette suppliers in the United Kingdom have Chinese made electronic cigarettes and worst of all Chinese made e liquid contain harmful chemicals.

​​Many tests show the Chinese e-liquid has improved but it is nowhere near the EU and British standard required for sale in chemists.

​​This is why, among electronic cigarette companies. Vapourlites make a sexy e-cig liquid under pharmaceutical conditions. They are the only company apart from Intellicig who make e liquid in the UK.

​​​Over the years electronic cigarettes have improved and the ones that look most like the cigarettes that you normally smoke are nowhere near the most effective as far as longevity is concerned.

​​In other words if you want to save the most money from your e cig vaping then you will need to get one of the most advanced refillable kit available in the world today. This is where Vapourlites are in a different league than its competitors because they offer the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the world today. In other words Vapourlites electronic cigarettes can save you the most if you use their e liquid.

​​For years now we have been testing and reviewing all the latest electronic cigarettes trying to find the perfect model. Most of the electronic cigarette companies have recently been sold the big tobacco companies. However Vapourlites is an independent British electronic cigarette firm that has not been sold to big tobacco andis producing products which genuinely perform better than anything else on the market.

Pros and Cons

​​​​Like I say we have been testing all the latest electronic cigarettes as they have been released over the years and the best we have ever tested are Vapourlites.

​​This is because they are using the most advanced electronic cigarette technology as well as offering the best value for money as far as electronic cigarette e liquid is concerned.

​​From all our comparisons between different electronic cigarette brands we have found that Vapourlites comes top as far as long as longevity is concerned.

​​The company has a great reputation. They perform top on the list when it comes to customer service. But most important of all is they are the only british company selling electronic cigarette with genuine pharmaceutical grade electronic cigarette liquid.  This makes Vapourlites the best out of the lot.

Our conclusion

​​​​So in our opinion Vapourlites is a brand that we love and laptop rate for 2015.

​​As far as discount codes gi we do have a Vapourlites discount code that you cannot get anywhere else and if you click the banner on this page. This will lead you to the site to activate this code and you will be able to get a discount you cannot find anywhere else.

​​Lots of electronic cigarette companies have come and gone and have performed very badly. Vapourlites is different, they produce a electronic cigarette better than everything else on the market that they have survived what others have not.

V​​apourlites has outperformed every other company in the UK and is top rated electronic cigarette of all time. Electronic cigarettes are still far far safer than traditional cigarettes and they will also save you more money in the long run if you use the right product with the right e-liquid.

​​Do not get the liquid from anywhere else because Chinese made e liquid contain harmful chemicals. You need a company you can trust when it comes to a liquid especially and that company is Vapourlites because they're liquid is safe enough to be sold in chemist and no other brands can boast that.

Final Verdict

​​​​So in summary we are going to give Vapourlites a 10 out of 10 rating which is the best we can give. This is a brand we absolutely love and we would not hesitate to recommend this product to a friends and relatives.


Vapourlites review
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