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We are the premier electronic cigarette review site, with unique discount codes and the latest user reviews. If you are looking for information about electronic cigarettes you will not find better info anywhere but here. Electronic cigarettes have really improved over the years since we have been reviewing them, they used to be very poor but the latest models are incredibly realistic. If you have only tried a supermarket brand type ecig or one of the older versions, then you do not know what you are missing compared to the latest models of ecigs. From our experience the top models this year are E-Lites, Skycig, Intellicig and the new Vype. Most of these big UK ecig brands are owned by big tobacco now who have bought them in massive million pound deals as they see them as a threat to traditional cigarette sales, they are now so good. This is actually a good thing, as they have massive amounts of money to insure the best products possible and that they are self regulated and safe. Some of the older ecigs used to be made in China, most of the ecigs now are either made in the UK or have their eliquid made to chemist standards in the UK.

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What is the Best Ecig? How to Select the Best Ecig Brand

Smoking has for a long time been considered as a dangerous activity which exposes smokers to a wide variety of health risks. Various health organisations and medics have constantly been advising the public to beware of the dangers of smoking. However, a lot of changes have taken place in the industry which has eventually paved way for the development of an electronic cigarette. Today, there are various types of ecigs and the question many are asking themselves is; what is the best ecig?

Before answering the above question, it is important to familiarise yourself about electronic cigars. It is quite surprising that dozens of people particularly smokers have no idea that electronic cigars exist. Top ecig brands such as E-lite are well known for their unique, superior and well packaged electronic cigarettes. Ecigs are basically electronic devices, which work based on the principle of vaporisation to heat a liquid element. This results into vapour which is then substituted for smoke in a typical cigarette. Actually, an electronic cigarette can simply be defined as an electronic inhaler which works as a substitute for a normal cigarette.

Today, there are various brands, which are selling ecigs, the answer to “what is the best ecig?” would be finding a top and renowned brand with excellent customer reviews. For a long time, E-lite has been able to dominate the market when it comes to the provision of well packaged electronic cigarettes. Ecigs seems to be increasing in popularity as days go by; many people are today opting to use ecigs because they are generally considered being safe for human consumption. The ingredients used to manufacture E-lite ecigs have been proven to be fit for consumption.

Consumers looking for top quality ecigs can easily find this information on the internet. The best way to research and get to learn about the benefits of ecigs is searching what is the best ecig? in top search engines. For many consumers, the curiosity to know how an electronic cigarette works has been the main reason behind increased sales.

To select the best ecig, consumers need to find out which ingredients are best for use. When thinking about the question, what is the best ecig? consumers need to put down all the crucial factors which they believe will be enable them to make a good decision. Selection of the best ecig brands can only be achieved after carefully comparing various types of brands. This way, it is possible for consumers to quickly point out the brands which are an instant hit with consumers.
We have spent years testing every kind of electronic cigarette, they have really improved over the years and the latest ecigs are out of this world. So if you have only tried supermarket brand type ecigs or older ecigs you really need to try some of the latest models. Big Tobacco worth billions have been buying up all the big ecig companies in the UK, this is really good as they can invest millions into improving the products. Some think ecigs are so good they are buying them up in order to destroy them, as they are so seriously cutting into their profits. This remains to be seen, but until the big lobbys manage to make them hard to get, you can really make the most of some of the stunning new models on the market.,
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