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E-Lites Review
E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Review

An E-Lites electronic cigarette is an authentic looking cigarette that makes you feel like you are smoking an actual cigarette, but it does not include all of the harmful and nasty toxins. They provide the user with a small about of nicotine but it does not include the really nasty chemicals like tar or tobacco. This has become one of the greatest smoking alternatives ever created. Not only will you cut back on smoking harmful and real cigarettes by using an E-Lites cigarette, you have the ability to save thousands of dollars a year. Cigarettes are not cheap – especially if you smoke a pack every day; with the E-Lites electronic cigarette, you will be able to save tons of money.

There is a vapor that is released every time a puff is taken off of the electronic cigarette; this is not smoke, it is simply the gases from the cartridge being released into the air. It is not harmful or dangerous in any way; it simply gives you the sensation of smoking so that your mind and body does not have as many strong urges to have a cigarette. The vapors released are odorless and do not have any strong smoke smells associated with them therefore, you can legally “smoke” an E-Lites electronic cigarette anywhere. In addition to the refill cartridges that you can purchase for your electronic cigarette, you can also change the light at the tip of the E-Lite. They come standard with a green tip that lights every time a puff is taken but you can also purchase a red light to change out with the green one.

E-Lites have been on the market for over 3 years and have since become quite popular amongst people who wish to cut back on smoking regular cigarettes, or just quit for good. Although the E-Lites will not hinder your addiction, it will give you the sensation that you are smoking and allow your mind and body to be tricked. E-Lites are designed with you in mind and they are meant to help your addiction and maybe even lessen it. These are also not an alternative to regular cigarettes if you are pregnant. Smoking anything can be harmful to your baby and that is a risk you should not be willing to take. E-Lites are one of the UK’s best electronic cigarettes in the industry.

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