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​​​​​​Unrivaled power meets surprising design to deliver maximum control and performance. We reimagined every aspect of the micro-cig, pioneering new levels of innovation to produce the ultimate vapor experience at an unmatched value. A bold departure from the ordinary.

Introducing VERTX & VERTX Plus:
• Touch screen controls for variable voltage settings*
(*VERTX Plus only)
• High-capacity cartridge reservoir
• Reimagined, lightweight construction
• Magnetically connected cartridges & charger
• Pass through charging for uninterrupted use
• Longest battery life of any micro-cig
• Up to 650 puffs per cartridge

You may be wondering now, “How do you stop smoking by smoking?” The answer is fairly simple. Replacing your cancerous stick with an electronic cigarette can make a huge difference with every single puff you take. Getting a decent E-Lites discount code can help you to get electronic cigarettes for less money, too. Because the costs are about the same to smoke for a day whether you go with tobacco or the synthetic variety, there’s little reason to stick with cigarettes anymore. Some smokers report getting the same good nicotine feelings from electronic cigarettes as they do from the real thing.

In summary

Those same smokers also report fewer breathing issues, chest pains and other maladies which go hand in hand with cigarettes. If that’s enough to convince you, you aren’t alone; hundreds of thousands of people are making the switch to the healthier cigarette alternative for these or similar reasons. Just think about it: if you could continue to smoke without all the cancer, tumors, sickness and death, wouldn’t you feel a lot better about your bad habit? It wouldn’t even be so bad at that point, anyhow. The right E-Lites discount code can get you started on your change today.

Health professionals and behavioral scientists agree that it’s easier to replace a habit with some other habit rather than drop it cold turkey. By getting rid of the foul odors, tastes and health effects which usually go with smoking, you can take much of the bad out of this perfectly normal act. If you’re tired of being demonized when you go to pubs or other public places, some E-Lites could be exactly what you’re looking for. Finding an E-Lites discount code online should only take a minute, so don’t pay full price for these.

​E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Discount Codes

Smoking cigarettes is a terrible habit and addiction that a lot of people cannot quit doing on their own.  Being able to stop doing something that you have done for years is incredibly tough unless you have extreme willpower and determination.  There are many different treatments or methods to try that can help you quit or at least make the urge to smoke less prevalent.  Some people have put a patch on their shoulders that is supposed to reduce your urge, while others go as far as getting hypnotized and mentally talked out of smoking ever again.  Whichever method you prefer, run with it.  The fact that you are attempting to quit a nasty habit and addiction in the first place is a positive thing.  There is another method that people have become quite fond of that is the E-Lite; an electronic cigarette that gives you the look and feel of smoking an actual cigarette, without all of the carcinogens and nicotine in them.  

An E-Lites is designed to help you habit stop.  If you are the type of person that smokes cigarettes in your car on a long drive, but you do it to keep your hands and mouth busy instead of actually craving the nicotine, an E-Lite is perfect.  You can still “smoke” an E-Lite in the car out of boredom, but you won’t be harming your body in any way.  The companies who make these E-Lite cigarettes are doing everything they can to help you quit as fast as possible.  There are vouchers and discount codes available for you to use if you want to purchase an E-Lite and stop smoking in the near future.  These discount codes will lower the cost and make them affordable and more useful for you to quit smoking all together.  

The discount codes range from a percentage off of the final price, to online only coupons that are available through certain websites.  Some of the coupons are only good for a few days during the month while others are valid throughout the end of the year.  Depending on which kind or how many you would like to purchase depends on which discount codes you can use as well. E-Lite cigarettes are available for you to quit smoking and become healthier and with the discount codes, purchasing the cigarettes is even easier and more convenient than before!

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V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - America's Most Trusted Brand
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V2 cigs (see banner below) are still the best for 2016. E-Lites are using the latest state of the art ecig technology that is far superior to anything else its rivals offer on the market. Do not be taken in by cheap Chinese made ecigs, the experience is nothing like the realism you get with E-Lites electronic cigarettes. This is the biggest brand of electronic cigarettes in the world today are V2 cigs and still the best we have tested for 2016, even better than E-Lites.

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Update for 2016

E-Lites are still the leading UK brand and absolutely superb for user experience. There is simply nothing better on the market, we definitely do not recommend Blu cig which used to be Skycig and have an awful reputation in America. They are very cheaply made Chinese ecigs and there is no other product in the UK market that can compete with E-Lites. We also have the best discount codes for E-Lites. Infact our E-Lites discount codes are the best you will find anywhere. That includes the latest offers and promo codes. 


We have been testing the latest electronic cigarettes for years and they have really improved in the last few months with E-lites and V2 cigs both proving to be the best models you can get anywhere. E-Lites electronic cigarettes have a ultra smooth performance and use Swiss made e-liquid which is the purest and best tasting, highest quality of them all.

If you are looking to save some serious money with electronic cigarettes then go for strong nicotine but use electronic cigarettes to wean you slowly off the habit completely. This is a great method to stop smoking that has proven to be far more effective than using standard NRT products.

E-Lites are without doubt the market leading technological and highest quality ecigs in the UK.​​​​​​​​

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - America's Most Trusted Brand

JAC Vapour
V2 cigs (the biggest and best brand in the world are now available in the UK and have 50% off starter kit deals (see banner opposite). You can also use code SAVENOW for 25% more. These are even better than E-Lites in our opinion.

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